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      +86 533 7918198

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      Telephone:+86 533 7918198
      Address:Boshan Economic Development Zone, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China


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          Technology innovation and resource integration is the trend of China's enterprise development. For this reason, the company will focus on both "internal" and "external" aspects in the future to promote the enterprise to upgrade again.

      未來(圖1)    The so-called "internal," that is, based on continuing to strengthen collaborative development and joint innovation with institutions, upstream and downstream enterprises, and Internet professional platforms, and aiming at international first-class, we will gradually build a series of Hit Products with excellent quality, stable quality, customer trust, and market recognition, and further, improve organizational efficiency and core competitiveness.The so-called "external," that is, the expansion of corporate outreach, mainly through the integration of resources and network-based branding operations to expand the company's radiation power, to promote the company's transformation to a more resilient technology, brand-oriented enterprises.