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      +86 533 7918198

      New Intelligent Manufacturing

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      Telephone:+86 533 7918198
      Address:Boshan Economic Development Zone, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China

      New Intelligent Manufacturing

      current location: Home > New Intelligent Manufacturing

          Advanced performance and flexible configuration of R  D, testing, production equipment and instruments, extensive application and deep integration of ERP, Internetand intelligent equipment provide the foundation and guarantee for the sustainable innovation of Yinshilai and the high quality of products and services. However, Yinshilai's new "intelligent" manufacturing is not limited to this. By constantly improving and giving full play to its own industry influence and brand advantages,using an open organizational model, strengthening core capabilities, integrating industry resources, weakening organizational boundaries, realizing flexible manufacturing,which all makeYinshilai more flexible and radiating, it is the complete connotation of Yinshilai intelligent manufacturing.

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