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      Telephone:+86 533 7918198
      Address:Boshan Economic Development Zone, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China

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          The textile industry have a profound history, however this industry cannot be simply explained as a ‘traditional’ business field. In fact, the textile product almost applied in all the field, especially in the Aerospace,Military equipment, and Artificial organ field. As one of the market leader in textile industry, Yinshilai textile are constantly dedicating to enhance the synthetic ability of technic development and material application. For example, initially, the breakthrough of successful innovated the ‘polytef’ fabrics, which can widely applicate the corrosion resistant, heat resistance functions on filter material and Bunker clothing etc. Secondly, the company also cooperated with Beijing United airline to develop anti-flaming aero seat cover, warm keeping products, and the aero military textile product. Thirdly, it’s worth to mention that during the period of covid-19 pandemic, our company have developed new medical facial mask and anti-bacterial silver fiber/cupric ion fabrics by fully exerting the power of the R&D Center.

      Product name:Military equipment
      Product name:Fire-control
      Product name:Medical

      Product name:Airlineflameretardant wool seat cover

          Because of the way wool fibers are structured, they have a high ignition point, a high limiting oxygen index (LOI) (a measure of the level of oxygen required to maintain combustion), a low heat of combustion (the measured amount of heat energy released), and no melting or adhesion during combustion. The natural flame retardant properties of wool are utilized and then processed with a special finishing process to make it ideal for airline seat cover fabrics and upholstery fabrics.

      Product name:Facial mask/antibacterial product

          It is a medical protective textile made of multi-layer nonwoven fabric laminated by meltblown, spunbond, hot air or needle punching, etc. It is effective in resisting liquids, filtering particles and bacteria, etc.